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Welcome to Bridge Counselling

– Making the journey together.

My Service

Thank you for visiting my website and for wanting to find out more about counselling and the ways I can help you.

There are many life experiences that can leave you feeling stressed, anxious or depressed and if prolonged can leave you feeling unable to cope and wondering where to turn. Without help your mental health and general wellbeing can deteriorate and you can feel isolated from others and the world around you.

Many negative life experiences can cause anxiety, depression, lack of self-esteem and confidence and you can feel a loss of control. In taking the first step in coming to counselling you have shown you want to feel better and be more positive. In talking to a qualified and impartial counsellor you will be helped to correct negative thoughts and feelings, giving you the opportunity to process emotions to bring a sense of clarity and purpose.

About Me

I am an experienced and registered counsellor located on Dean Cross Road, Plymstock. My appointment times are flexible to suit the needs and lifestyles of my clients and include evening and weekend sessions by appointment.

My Approach

I have an integrative approach to counselling which means I draw on a variety of therapeutic approaches to best meet your needs. My main focus is guided by humanistic, person centred and cognitive practices.

I am passionate about helping others and gained a great deal of valuable experience of life problems and challenges in a varied working life which included a career in the medical services of the Royal Navy, and the emergency services over many years and in the pastoral encounter of ministry. I believe that we all have the capacity to have good mental health and I feel privileged to help you promote that regardless of your age or gender, occupation, orientation, or where you are in life, and for this to take place in a confidential and safe environment.

There are many different reasons you might be considering counselling and often the first step is the most difficult in deciding whether to make an appointment. I can assure you will always be shown unconditional positive regard, congruence and empathy which are essential elements of therapy. If you are looking for help because of anxiety, trauma, PTSD, depression, bereavement or something else which is troubling you, please do make contact and together we can explore your problems and help you find the inner strength and resources you have to move forwards in confidence.

I look forward to warmly meeting you, so that once again your life can be meaningful and enjoyable.

Client Reviews

When I went to see Paul I was nervous and full of anxiety. This was my first counselling session but I didn’t need to worry. Paul made me feel at ease and worked with me at my pace to find the causes of my anxiety and panics. He was warm and friendly and showed me how to relax. After a few sessions I began to feel calmer and now I have begun to get my life back together which is a wonderful feeling.


I had served with the army abroad and had combat experiences which left me with symptoms of PTSD. When I had returned home I felt on edge. I was agitated and had flashbacks about what had happened and had frequent nightmares. I became more distant from my partner and had long periods of silence. Paul explained the specialist therapy of EMDR which is helpful in cases of trauma of all kinds. It has really helped me. I recalled the most disturbing aspects of what had happened and after a few sessions I began to feel more like my usual self. I am now much more confident and can look to the future.


I got depressed and felt life was not worth living. I saw my doctor and was prescribed some medication but I wanted to find out what was going on in my head. It was affecting my home life and work. When I plucked up the courage to see Paul I found he was so welcoming and understanding. I am now more aware of the causes of my anxiety and after just a few sessions I started to feel more positive and able to face life. Thank you Paul for sharing my journey with me.



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Mobile: 01752 936276 to leave a message. If not immediately answered. I will return quickly and usually the same day. Please note this number is password protected and I am the only one who has access to it.